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Concrete has become the building blocks of modern society. From houses to roads, commercial building, and towering skyscrapers, concrete has become one of the most common building materials. It is primarily because concrete is a sturdy and durable material albeit lightweight and easy to use. If done properly, concrete can last a very long time, as evidenced by millions of old buildings made of concrete around the world.

Sunbury Concreters is a locally-owned business that has focused on providing Sunbury with professional, high quality, and cost-effective concreting solutions for more than ten years now. We specialize in installing superior quality concrete driveways and resistant exposed aggregates among other concreting solutions. Our concreters are trained and all possess the necessary certification to provide you with a service that complies with many regulatory standards. 

Our other services include coloured concrete, which is perfect for those who are looking for a more creative application of such mundane material. We also do stamped and stencil driveways among other techniques that will leave your visitors in awe at their design potential. So, if you are looking for affordable yet high-quality and professional concreters, Sunbury Concreters is at your service. 

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Professional Expert Concreters

We are a team of professional concreters who are experts in what we do. Our mastery of the craft was brought upon by more than a decade of experience in the business.

Quality Assured & Standard Compliant

We always make sure that all the materials we use and all the projects we deliver comply to all regulatory requirements. Quality runs in all of our blood.

Fair & Transparent Pricing Policy

We strive to provide Sunbury with top-notch concreting solutions without breaking the bank. We always see to it that we provide a transparent quotation to all our clients.

Sunbury Concreting Services

We offer a variety of concreting services that cover all of your needs whether it were residential or commercial. Our services fit into any infastructure needed from driveways to walkways.


Concreters Sunbury is a company that strives to provide exceptional service and quality products. We have an uncompromising commitment to excellence, which has given us the reputation we enjoy throughout Victoria today. All of our team members are passionate about exceeding customer expectations through their approach towards providing top-quality concrete work for domestic, commercial or industrial applications – they all hold certifications in this area because it’s important you get exactly what you want when dealing with such services!

We are committed to being your number one source for superior service and high-quality products across the Victoria region and surrounding suburbs. With years of experience under our belt from both hand placed as well as machine cast projects, not only do we offer competitive pricing but also unparalleled in the quality that we deliver.

Since day one, our goal has always been about exceeding their client’s expectations no matter where or why people would come into contact with them because this desire stems from the compassionate attitude they have towards providing excellent services to all of their clients.

Concreters Sunbury’s commitment to occupational health, safety and the environment are unmatched. With our expertise in these areas, you can be sure that your project will go smoothly from start to finish!

We at Concreters Sunbury work to ensure that workers come into the office in a safe environment with environmentally friendly building materials. McGinn complies with all statutory requirements and follows guidelines from GBCA for Green Star buildings, as well as other best practices relating to environmental sustainability such as using recycled fabric or vernacular architecture principles.

Concreters Sunbury is a well-established construction company that provides services to residents and businesses in Gisborne, Riddles Creek, and surrounding areas. We use high-end equipment and quality materials for our projects, which are completed on time with minimal disruptions. Concreters Sunbury’s long term goals include expanding throughout Melbourne to provide the highest level of service possible!

Our decorative concrete specialists create modern and durable patios, paths, terraces and more. For the best in residential or commercial driveways make sure to contact our friendly team of concreting experts today.

We are a family-owned company specializing in premium quality exterior hardstanding options like your driveway, patio or walkway. We offer 15 years worth of experience with all sorts of different projects which means you can trust that we’re always going to get it right the first time round for you. So if you need something done quickly but want it still looking good when completed then call us now!

The incredible versatility of concrete makes it a popular choice for construction projects. It’s durable and can be formed into different styles, so you’ll never run out of design ideas!

At Concreters Sunbury, we specialise in designing and constructing the following:

  • Stamped concrete driveways
  • Exposed aggregate driveways
  • Coloured concrete driveways
  • Plain concrete driveways
  • Concrete cutting and removal
  • Dry hire equipment
  • Stencil concrete driveways

We can also construct concrete pathways and entertaining areas on your property. Call us to discuss your ideas and project requirements!

Exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative style of concrete used for driveways, paths and patios. It can be finished to create different kinds of aggregates and colored pigments which creates many varying shade colors that are perfect for steep slopes or flat sites.

Concreting Sunbury provides the best range of options and services in concrete construction, we have a trained team that is experienced and dedicated to ensure they deliver quality work. Whatever your need may be for residential or commercial projects our expertly crafted structures will stand strong through years of use!

The concrete we work with is more than just aesthetically pleasing and durable, it’s also a low-maintenance surface that can be customized to your specifications. We offer different finishes on the concrete for any project you may need us to take care of.

We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction. This means peace of mind, right on time every time you engage our services. From decorative concrete to exposed aggregate, two-tone stamped slate impression concrete and even glow-in-the-dark stones, the only limit is your imagination! Throughout it all, we’ll be by your side for continued guidance with Concreters Sunbury’s experience in tow – so don’t hesitate to call us today!

Founded in 2006, we are a 100% Australian owned and operated company. We offer free quotes to ensure you end up with the concreting that suits your needs best for an affordable price! Our team is highly skilled who always go the extra mile to make sure our customers get what they want out of their concrete at competitive prices no matter how complex or simple it may be. When it comes down to durability, low maintenance costs and structural benefits-concrete can’t match any other material on earth; which makes this versatile building material perfect if used outdoors for design purposes.

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We create durable and visually appealing concrete driveways in Sunbury.

Sunbury Concreters is the leading company that can deliver excellent concrete surfaces for properties, driveways and pathways. With our services of construction as well, you are able to have a project executed in style with visual appeal alongside efficacy and durability no matter what weather conditions this harsh climate has to offer.

Do not underestimate how first impressions count when it comes down to showing property or inviting clients/visitors into your home! That’s why at Sunbury Concreters we ensure lasting aesthetics while providing equal importance on efficiency – so every surface will be both beautiful AND practical throughout time (and through tough climates).

A driveway is a very important section of a house or a building. In most cases, it is the first section that your guest and visitors can see when they pull up on your property. It is also one that gets most foot and car traffic because it is a “drive” way where people and cars always drive or walk on. This highlights the need for a driveway that is both beautiful and sturdy, making it highly necessary to have someone who is a professional do it. We at Sunbury Concreters have been making concrete driveways for both residential and commercial projects. Our concreters have mastered the necessary techniques to make sure that your driveways will turn out not only visually appealing but can also withstand consistent traffic. We offer different types of concrete treatments for our driveways including:

  • Colored Concrete Driveways
  • Exposed Aggregate Driveways
  • Stamped Concrete Driveways
  • Plain Concrete Driveways
  • Stencil Driveways

So, if you are planning to have a driveway built for your property, contact us today to talk to one of our experts who can explain to you the different options we have available!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Residential Concrete Sunbury

The home is the most intimate space a person has. But it also needs to be functional and safe from intruders, so you need concrete slabs along with other services offered by Sunbury Concreters. Here at our company we want your property to reflect who you are as an individual or what kind of aspirations you have for yourself in life – that’s why each house will stand out beautifully on its own! We specialize in high-quality installations which make sure everything looks perfect while being durable enough even against extreme weather conditions such as during rainy seasons when water pools up around pavements etcetera.

There are many ways to make your home a sanctuary. One of the most important is by building it with concrete slabs, and as an extra layer of security against potential disasters like floods or fires. It’s also where you can express yourself in any way that suits you best – from furnishing your space just the way you want, all the colours and textures available for wall paintings so brighten up each room! Make sure to get these services done at Sunbury Concreters: they offer high-quality materials such as driveway paving solutions made out of durable material that will last long enough without losing its appearance over time.

Here at Sunbury Concreters, we offer a wide range of services for a domestic and residential projects. We specialize in high-quality and visually appealing. We believe that through our services, each home in Sunbury will definitely be a beautiful and durable attraction for everyone to enjoy. Call us today to know more about our offerings and the different options for home construction and renovation that we have available for you!

Commercial Concrete Sunbury

Sunbury is a service center for a busy district supporting various types of agricultural businesses. Moreover, it is also an outer suburb of Melbourne. With the buzz in this quaint town, buildings and refurbishments are much needed to stand out in the competition. 

At Sunbury Concreters, we provide the most trusted professional concreting solutions in the city. We deliver high-quality commercial concreting services done by our experienced concreters for over ten years in the construction and building industry. Besides that, if you are scouring for professional commercial concreting services without breaking the bank, it is your lucky day. If you call us now, we can give you a free quote and consultation to assist you through the different choices we can provide you when it comes to commercial concretes. 

What Is Commercial Concrete and Where Is It Used?

You’re probably wondering what commercial concrete services have to do with anyone’s business or property. The truth is commercial concrete is all around you. You can find it in walls, floors, driveways, pavements, and more. Be it simple or extravagant, your house, business establishment, or other properties could use a minor refurbishment.

Besides upscaling your property’s aesthetic appeal, commercial concrete services can also include constructing a concrete foundation. It means that your property will have a strong and durable structural foundation. This is great because it can withstand harsh weather conditions and other external factors in the area that can weaken the structural performance of your industrial or commercial building throughout the years

Exposed Aggregate in Sunbury

Exposed aggregate concrete has grown in popularity over the past few years. It is similar to granite and marble, which achieve their natural beauty through polishing away a plain surface that lies beneath them. For exposed aggregate concrete, white lies underneath an aggregated coating that can be either naturally occurring or manufactured for this purpose.

Creating an exposed aggregate concrete can sometimes be very tricky. An exposed aggregate surface can be done by placing concrete and then removing the outer layer of cement paste to expose a decorative coarse aggregate. The aggregate can be added together with the cement or it can be seeded unto the surface. Nonetheless, the level of skill required to obtain a clean exposed aggregate surface is enormous. This is the reason why it is important for you to choose a concreting service that has vast experience in doing it. We at Sunbury Concreters have been doing exposed aggregate for more than ten years – in floors, in driveways, and even in walls and facade. So if you are looking for a trustworthy concreter to work on your exposed aggregate, call us today and we’ll make it happen for you!

Coloured Concrete in Sunbury

Colour can enhance the look of almost anything – even concrete! There are different ways that you can go about with coloured concrete. You can opt for subtle hues or choose a more dramatic hue. It can also be applied on new or old, indoors or outdoors, wherever you want to see a splash of colour, you can have it with coloured concrete. In the hands of a skilled and creative concreter like Sunbury Concreters, colouring concretes present endless possibilities of designs and aesthetic value. However, not all colouring methods are suitable for all exposure conditions or types of projects. Some have limitations in terms of colour availability and intensity. However, when you choose appropriately, you’ll end up with a rich, permanent colour that will take your concrete from utilitarian to wonderful! Call us today to explore the different concrete colouring options that are available for you. One of our experts can discuss with you the different spectacular choices we have for you to pick which one suits you best.

Stamped Concrete in Sunbury

Adding texture to your concrete installation can make wonders in terms of design. Sometimes, concrete is the most affordable alternative for a grandiose texture that you are planning for your floors or driveways. If you are on a budget, stamped concrete is the best alternative for you. Popularly known as textured or imprinted concrete, stamped concrete replicates the texture of wood, slate and flagstone, brick, and tile. With its wide range of designs, the product is a great choice for decks, patios and other outdoor installations. Moreover, it is also a type of concrete treatment that allows you to relax because it requires little to no maintenance. We at Sunbury Concreters have vast experience in delivering high-quality and professionally-made stamped concrete surfaces. Call our hotline today to know more about our offering and to get a FREE quote!


How long does a project take to finish?

The duration of the project depends on varying factors like the type of concrete treatment done and the area of the surface that needs concrete covering. Nonetheless, before we begin, we provide a reasonable assessment for each project and we always stick to the deadline that we promised.

How much does a concrete driveway cost?

Depending on the type of treatment and the area that needs to be done, having a concrete driveway can cost you between $2,000-$4,000, give or take. Call our hotline today to get a detailed quotation based on your specifications. One of our experts will discuss with you all of your options.

Can you do coloured concrete?

Definitely! Coloured concrete is one of our specializations. Our concreters offer a wide range of colours and design options for you to choose from. We can also do stamped concrete, concrete aggregates, and many more!

How can we contact you?

You can call our number at (03) 9008 1904 or send us an email at [email protected]. One of our friendly representatives will help you through all of your concerns!