3 Factors to Consider When Planning for Your Ideal Concrete Patio

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Are you thinking of adding a specialized feature in your backyard that can transform its vibe and improve its functionality? Why not have a concrete patio installed on your property in Sunbury. At Sunbury Concreters, we design and build robust, stunning, and long-lasting concrete patios throughout the town. Having an excellent and well-thought plan for your patio will put your mind at ease. Besides that, it is also a crucial step in ensuring that you can achieve your home’s beautiful and functional extension. To help you determine your ideal concrete patio, here are the three factors you can consider.


Suppose you wish to have an extensive and luxurious concrete patio perfect for class reunions, retirement parties, or wedding receptions. In that case, having a high budget for the project is expected. Since the design will be more complicated and there will be a need for an additional supply of materials, you will have to allot more money on this project. However, if you just prefer to have a cozy and compact concrete patio that is great for your family, our firm can also help you build it with the budget you have on hand.

At Sunbury Concreters, our knowledgeable and hardworking tradespeople have immense experience in the industry. Whether it is a large-scale concrete patio project for a commercial establishment or a lovely compact patio for your home, we guarantee that our team can plan and build you a patio for a competitive rate.


Another important aspect you should not forget when planning about your ideal concrete patio is where you plan to have it and the functionalities you require. Here are the four types of patios you can choose from based on their functionality.

Sundeck Patio

Do you wish to have a cozy spot near your swimming pool deck where you can lounge and bask under the sun? Have a sundeck patio built in your backyard. When you install a sundeck patio, it might be best to note the number and size of lounge chairs you plan to have as well as the clearance measurement to prevent accidental slips and dips into the pool.

Outdoor Dining

Are you fond of alfresco dining? We can help you build a concrete patio that is perfect for outdoor dining. You can opt to have a rounded or rectangular patio that can contain a patio table and chairs. It is spacious enough to accommodate the whole family or a group of friends, so you can invite people over for a tasty lunch or dinner outdoors.

Bistro Patio

A bistro patio is an excellent alternative if you don’t have much space in your backyard or you have a rigid budget for the project. At Sunbury Concreters, we can help you create a cute and cozy outdoor space through a bistro patio. This concrete patio can still contain a small table and a few chairs.

Living Room Patio

Perhaps one of the most sought-after concrete patio choices in Sunbury is living room patios. This is a great way to extend your indoor living room outside. If you plan to have a living room patio, you can incorporate lounge chairs, sofas, a fireplace, and other fixtures that can also be found in your indoor living room.

Colours and Textures

Of course, you can’t forget the curb appeal and aesthetics of your patio. At Sunbury Concreters, we can help you pick the colour, pattern, design, and texture to accentuate your space. You can also specify the style you prefer. Concrete can conveniently mimic the appearance of other building materials, so if you prefer the look of wood, natural stone, tile, or marble, just tell us, and we will build it for you.