Top 3 Concrete Commercial Flooring Options for your Business

Commercial spaces are the most prone type of spaces to foot traffic. Because of this, it is generally advised to have sturdy flooring that can stand well against this along with other elements like spills, stains, or even marks from furniture. One of the best materials that can stand against these different elements while also […]

Mudjacking VS Polyjacking: Which is the Better Concrete Repair Option

A number of different materials can be chosen for your property for different projects and each one has different benefits to enjoy. Out of the different materials that you can choose from, concrete is one of the most durable of choices. As durable a choice as concrete can be however, it does not mean that […]

When to Repair or Renovate Your Concrete Patio

Concrete is one of the more durable materials that you can choose from, especially for your patio. As durable and versatile as the material can be for your patio, however, there is always a chance of your concrete patio ending up with damage as time goes by. Whether it be sinking concrete or cracks on […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is one of the building materials favoured by many property owners in Sunbury because of its versatile design options, durability and longevity. Areas exposed to harsh weather conditions and high traffic can significantly benefit from the easy upkeep and reliability of concrete surfaces. It can be utilized in garages, basements, bathrooms, kitchens and […]

5 Tips to Keep Weeds Away from Your Concrete Pavers

Do you have concrete pavers in your hardscape areas in Sunbury? If yes, then you may have noticed the gaps between each paver. These crevices can cause you a tedious task in the future because they can be the perfect spot for weed infestations. Weed growth can be pervasive and persistent, so without proper maintenance […]

3 Factors to Consider When Planning for Your Ideal Concrete Patio

Are you thinking of adding a specialized feature in your backyard that can transform its vibe and improve its functionality? Why not have a concrete patio installed on your property in Sunbury. At Sunbury Concreters, we design and build robust, stunning, and long-lasting concrete patios throughout the town. Having an excellent and well-thought plan for […]