Top 3 Concrete Commercial Flooring Options for your Business

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Commercial spaces are the most prone type of spaces to foot traffic. Because of this, it is generally advised to have sturdy flooring that can stand well against this along with other elements like spills, stains, or even marks from furniture. One of the best materials that can stand against these different elements while also provide visual appeal is concrete. Concrete can generally provide different options for different spaces, but for commercial spaces, there ar certain types of concrete that work better than others.

Concrete Floorings for Your Business

There are a variety of different types of concrete that worked for different spaces and depending on the mixture, can provide different options for textures and colours. If you want to have commercial concrete flooring that can be both functional and stylish, the following are the top options to select from:

Polished Concrete

As a type of concrete that is achieved with heavy-duty grinding and polishing machines, polished concrete is considered a top choice due to its visual appeal. More than being a smooth and shiny type of concrete, it is versatile in design since it can be stained to almost any colour.

When used as flooring, polished concrete provides durability against high foot traffic, low maintenance, and holds a reflective feature that increases light exposure in the space it is installed in. Since there are no chemicals involved in its formation nor is there any waste materials produced during installation, polished concrete also provides an eco-friendly option.

The downside to this material however is that the finish will dull over time and will need to be buffed or re-polished over time. To add to this, the concrete type lacks stain/chemical resistance and thus is susceptible to stains and discolouration.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a type of resin that when cured withstands almost anything. As an application to concrete flooring, it is beneficial to industrial spaces that see traffic from forklifts or other machinery. It can also be a possible solution for damaged concrete since it fills in divots and cracks of the slab and is self-levelling. What’s more, it is able to withstand all kinds of temperatures and is generally a chemically resistant option to select.

Style-wise, this type of flooring offers different designs to choose from, solid colours, metallic finishes, vinyl flakes, and coloured quartz granules, to name some of them. The layers of coating to apply depends on the preferred design. While this flooring may be resistant to different elements and offer different looks, the coating’s thickness makes them vulnerable to deep scratches where dirt accumulates and other contaminants build up. Not only this, the different features of this flooring makes it fairly high-priced.

Grind and Seal Concrete

This type of concrete flooring would be considered similar to polished concrete flooring but hods several key differences. While the initial process may start the same as polished concrete, a grind and seal concrete making process aims to achieve a different level of grit with lesser grinding.

Instead of making six to eight passes with a concrete grinder to achieve a 1600-3000 grit, it is only ground three to four times to a finish of 80-160 grit. Once this is done, one prime coat and one top coat of a clear urethane-based chemical are applied. This results in a glossy, satin, or matte finish, which can be stained with a wide variety of colours.

The main advantages of this flooring are that the making process increases the durability and resiliency of the concrete surface. The coating also makes it easier to maintain and if there is any wear and tear, it can easily be made brand new by applying another coat of urethane.

How Sunbury Concreters Can Help You

Given the different options and benefits for your commercial space flooring, having a professional service group for both consultation and installation can help smoothen out any process. By working with Sunbury Concreters for your concrete commercial flooring choice, you can be assured of an experienced team of professionals that can provide open communication for any concreting needs. Simply put, you’ll be guaranteed high-quality commercial concreting services done by our experienced concreters.


Commercial flooring needs to be able to face all kinds of conditions. One of the top choices for commercial flooring is concrete, but if you want concrete flooring that can be both durable and stylish for your commercial space, there are three top options you can go for. They are polished, epoxy, and grind and seal. Each option provides its own benefits and depending on the choice of commercial concrete flooring, there are different advantages to gain with different styles.