When to Repair or Renovate Your Concrete Patio

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Concrete is one of the more durable materials that you can choose from, especially for your patio. As durable and versatile as the material can be for your patio, however, there is always a chance of your concrete patio ending up with damage as time goes by. Whether it be sinking concrete or cracks on the slab, there are different issues that you will want to look out for with your concrete patio, mainly when it’s aged or faced plenty of heavy weather conditions.

Determinants to Check

It can take a lot for your concrete to end up damaged to the point of needing either repairs or replacement. Determining whether your concrete patio may need repairs or full renovation though may depend on different points that need to be checked.

The Concrete’s Age

How old your concrete is one of the biggest determinants on whether your concrete patio may need repairs or a full-on replacement. Should your concrete structure be older than 20 years old, then there is little that can be done in terms of repairs without causing further issues. If the concrete is younger than this and shows signs of minimal damage, then there are still options for different repairs.

The Length of Damage

Another big determinant to whether your concrete patio may need repairs or renovation is the extent of damage it shows or is found with an inspection. Depending on what is found and the type of damage presented, it could indicate plenty of things including an issue with the foundation which could lead to further issues that compromise the whole structure. Otherwise, it could also show issues that can be addressed early on.

The Budget Available

Whatever age or type of damage is found on your concrete patio and whether it can be repaired or replaced ultimately falls on what your budget can cover. Some repairs can ease up on your budget while a renovation may depend on what is needed in terms of materials and other related matters. A good way to deal with this though would be to consult a professional service group.

Repair Options For Concrete Patios

Depending on both the age ad level of damage found with the concrete structure, there are two different repair options that can specifically help with issues involving the concrete’s level. These two options would be concrete raising and slab levelling. Both options would make for a cost-saving alternative to replacing the concrete without compromising the landscape. You can consider the two terms falling under the same category of levelling concrete while providing a hassle-free solution though can differ in process.

The Time For Replacement/Renovation

There will be a point that your concrete patio is too aged and too crumbled to have the option to be repaired. At this point is the best option to have the concrete patio either replaced or renovated. By doing this, you have the option to provide a new look to the structure or even add features to make it stronger than it was before. Whatever state your concrete patio may end up in as time passes, there are different options to be found.


A concrete patio can make for a sturdy structure to have for your outdoors but like with any other structure, it can end up facing damage from both time and different heavy elements. Depending on the age, state, and budget needed for your concrete patio, it can either need a repair or replacement. With the help of a reliable professional service group like Sunbury Concreters which offers budget-friendly options and quality materials, there are different choices to be had with a concrete patio and how it can be improved.